Many web hosting providors may offer you very cheap prices, but many times they will skimp out on features, all our plans come with 100s of featues and we have liste a few here for you. We use cPanel / WHM for all our accounts, an amazing interface to control every aspect of your hosting account. Mixcat web hosting features consist of cpanel controls with the most up to date and comprehensive website addons. Our web hosting packages contain the capabilities to incorporate php web coding and multiple mysql data bases.

» Apache ASP

» TomCat Java (Servlets + JSP)

» Fantastico (over 40 pieces of pre-installed e-commerce and other script!)

» ColdFusion CFML

» Apache ASP

We are now offering Apache ASP with all hosting plans automatically. Do you like ASP but also want the reliability and stability of Unix? Well Apache ASP is the solution for you.

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» TomCat Java (Servlets + JSP)

We offer support for Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages (JSP) as an addon. Just let us know when you sign up and we will activate it in your new account for a low monthly cost.

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» ColdFusion CFML

We can have BlueDragon ColdFusion CFML activated on your account as an addon. Now take control and don't pay excessive amounts for you ColdFusion hosting. BlueDragon CFML supports the following:

- ColdFusion 5.0
- ColdFusion 6.1 (CFMX)
- Java CFX
- C++ CFX

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» Fantastico:

We now have fantastico support on almost all our servers. With fantasico you can easily install any of the following without any special technical knowledge.

b2 (0.6.1) (website)
b2evolution ( (website)
Nucleus (2.0) (website)
pMachine Free (2.3) (website)
WordPress (1.0.1) (website)

Drupal (4.3.2) (website)
Geeklog (1.3.8-1sr4) (website)
Mambo Open Source (4.5(1.0.3)) (website)
PHP-Nuke (7.0) (visit site)
phpWCMS (1.1-RC2) (website)
phpWebSite (0.9.3-2 english) (website)
Post-Nuke ( (visit site)
Siteframe (3.1.2) (website)
Xoops ( (website)

Customer Support:
Crafty Syntax Live Help (2.7) (website)
Help Center Live (1.2.2) (website)
osTicket (1.2.5) (website)
PHP Support Tickets (1.7) (website)
Support Logic Helpdesk (1.1) (website)
Support Services Manager (1.0b) (website)

Discussion Boards:
Invision Board (1.3) (website)
phpBB2 (2.0.7) (website)
YaBBSE (1.5.5c) (website)

CubeCart (2.0.1) (website)
OS Commerce (2.2 MS2) (website)

FAQMasterFlex (1.0) (website)

Image Galleries:
4images Gallery (1.7) (website)
Coppermine Photo Gallery (1.2.1) (website)
Gallery (1.4.2) (website)

Mailing List:
PHPlist (2.7.2) (website)

Polls and Surveys:
Advanced Poll (2.03) (website)
phpESP (1.6.1) (website)
PHPSurveyor (0.97) (website)

Project Management:
PHProjekt (4.1.1) (website)
dotProject (1.0.2) (website)

PhpWiki (1.2) (website)
TikiWiki (1.8) (website)

Other Scripts:
Moodle (1.1.1) (website)
Noah's Classifieds (1.3) (website)
Open-Realty (1.1.4) (website)
phpAdsNew (2.0) (website)
PHPauction (2.1) (website)
phpCOIN (1.2.0) (website)
phpFormGenerator (2.06) (website)
phpLinks (2.1.2) (website)
WebCalendar (0.9.42) (website)


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