Reseller WHM quick start guide

Web Host Manager Tutorial / Explanation

The web host manager (WHM) is your gateway to the server for
and managing of your reseller accounts. I have broken down the WHM in
sections below, with explanations of each feature and what it is good

Server Setup
Setup Remote Access Key
This function creates a secure key code that will allow perl programs
in development) to communicate to your WHM to install,modify and delete
clients without accessing the WHM. This feature is something that is
development and would not be a used feature for your program at this

Server Status
Services Status
This will allow you to view the heath of the server, at any time. By
clicking on this link, you will be able to see all the server services
running, their status and their usage. Yellow lights are ok - red
are acceptable as long as it is not for long periods of time. We also
manage and view these services. If you see a problem, 99% of the time
we are
already addressing it.

Server Information
This allows you to see what makes the server. The processors, hard
server name, disk usage, etc.

Account Functions
List Accounts
This shows all of your client domains, Server IP, Username, Install
and Space used. This feature will not show you your clients QUOTA
since you
will be modifying this (if needed) from the 'Quota Modification'
discussed later.

Create a New Account
This one is pretty much self explanatory but there are some items that
to be looked out for while installing clients onto the server.

1 - There cannot be any spaces before or after the domain name. All
that is
needed is this block is just the domain name (no www. or http://)

2 - The username cannot start with a number or have any spaces or
dashes in
it. If the username defaults to a name with a dash, remove the dash or
errors will occur when the user attempts to install scripts included in

Bad usernames: 123domai or 123-doma or domain-
Good Usernames: domainco or domainxx or domainqt

Try to keep the username all lower case, as well as the password when
create it.

To install a new account, follow these steps:

1 - input the client domain into the domain box - this will
create a username after you press the TAB key when done. If the
has a - in it or starts with a number, please modify the username to be
clean, acceptable username.

2 - Create password for the user. This can be whatever you wish to
have as
the password or the user can request a specific password when signing
up for
services. A good rule of thumb is to not use an everyday word or, if
use an everyday word like 'tree', modify it with a few numbers -

3 - Select your default package (there will only be one package in your
dropdown) and press the create button at the top.

Your default package will only install the account on 10 megs of space.
you need to modify this space, use the 'Quota Modification' feature
explained later.

********GOOD RULE OF THUMB***********
After you press the create button, a confirmation page will come up
the domain installed, the IP, the username and password. Right click
this page and select the print option. Keep this in your file for this
since this will be your only record of the users original password.

Skeleton Directory
This directory is where you would install a basic index.html page that
be installed on all new domains after you have installed them -
automatically. If you want to use this feature, you must first click
this link to create the cpanel3-skel directory on your reseller domain.

1 - Create a simple index.html page - Hosted by ______________________
something a little more feature rich. If you are using images, host
images somewhere else and use full url links to the images IMG

2 - FTP into your main domain and open the /cpanel3-skel folder. Then
the /public_html folder.

3 - Upload your basic index.html page into this folder. THAT'S IT!
Everytime you install an account, this index page will be installed
that domain. Once the domain resolves, your page will be seen. The
can delete or replace them at their own desire.

Terminate an Account
Pretty much self explanatory. Only one word of caution - FILES ARE NOT

View Bandwidth Usage
Again, pretty much self explanatory. This feature will give you a
of all your clients bandwidth usage for the current month. You have
ability to preview previous months by clicking on the link at the top
of the
bandwidth page. If you notice a client with a highlighted listing
or red) - Keep an eye on them for they are using alot of bandwidth.

Limit Bandwidth Usage
If you want to limit the bandwidth per account, you can do so here.
This is
counted in MEGS of bandwidth so make sure you use the following method:

For 1 GIG of Bandwidth, use 1024 megs, etc.

Once this account goes over 1 gig in bandwidth, a page will show up on
domain stating bandwidth limit has been reached, contact system admin.
gives you total control over bandwidth so nothing gets out of hand.

Suspend or Unsuspend and account & List Suspended Accounts
Self explanatory area. This will allow you to FREEZE a clients domain
will product a customized (explained later) page on their website
they have been suspended, please contact system admin.

Modify Suspended Account Page
Clicking this will give you a form field with the HTML code of your
Suspended' page. Create a standard 'account suspended' web page (with
url links to images) in a normal web design program. Cut and paste the
source into this box and press save.

Quota Modification
After you install and account, and they have been assigned 10 megs on
reseller area - you can click here to alter that space to meet their
Pretty much self explanatory once inside. Find the domain, replace the
with what they purchases and press the submit button next to the box.

Password Modification
If a user misplaces or forgets their password, you can go here and
reset it to original (pull out copy of printout from account creation)
you can make an entire new password for them.

List Subdomains
If an account has been enabled to use sub-domains (unique IP required)
- you
will be able to view all the sub-domains by clicking this link for all
accounts in your reseller block.



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