WebHostManager Tutorial

Welcome to thel world of WHM, this is a basic tutorial to get you on your way into the world of reselling.

I’m not going to be held responsible if you mess something up after reading this, this is for reference only.

To start , we will go through the main sections within WHM. These main sections are:

Server status -
Basic server information

Account functions -
Soul of the reseller services

Multi account functions -
Changing mutiple accounts at once  

FrontPage -
For FrontPage extensions

Packages -
The resellers bread and butter. Go Aheaad and Set Up First!!

DNS functions -
NOT to be fooled with unless you know what you are doing.
because WHM will automatically set this up.

Email -
For email Trobleshooting

cPanel -
Customize your clients CPanel.

Short for Secure Sockets Layer,
for transmitting private documents via the internet. Here
you will generate and install it.

cPanel Tutorial
Tutorials For using the Control Panel


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